CORVUS Group (LLC.) is established to become a premier provider of professional technical support, and value-added services to a variety of specialized areas and sectors, establishing a record of flawless execution of key projects for local and foreign companies. We have extensive experience working with international companies, providing quality service and optimum efficiency. CORVUS Group offers one-stop project support and supply services that encompass a wide range of activities during the various stages of project development.

Project Supply

Outsourcing the supply of various items during the reduce a projects’ purchasing cost base by an average of 10%–20%. We work closely with your team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories at different phases of the project.


Our team has supported organizations in various industries, ensuring their procurement and sourcing capabilities are optimized and that they are getting the most value at the best possible price.  We serve as an expansion of client’s existing teams, saving them time and resources by applying our experience, tools, cross-industry best practices, and personalized solutions.


The need to “flex” the workforce is becoming a major requirement for success in the 21st century business environment. We offer various manpower outsourcing services in all major sectors. Our diverse experience ensures that the requirements of our clients are met effectively and reliably. Temporary supply of manpower has significant benefits including reduced 90-day turnover, reduced training and benefit costs, increased first-day productivity and increased productivity metrics. At the same time client has substantial savings in time and documentation/HR related costs. The idea driving this is simple: bring in people to meet the demand for labor or expertise only when those people are needed.


We offer our clients a wide range of mobile facilities. Mobile offices, WC, prefabricated multi-purpose spaces, etc. We deliver, install and maintain the facilities during the project. Our service ensures the flexibility during your projects with easy communication and 24/7 service. Mobile facility service is available for rent; our offers are easily customizable to fit the best purpose and price requirements of our clients.


Project mobilization requires extensive preparation and resources. We offer assistance on various levels to prepare the required resources according to client requirements. This service proved itself efficient, as several services can be provided by single source, reducing time and cost constraints.

Foreign Workforce Support

As participants of various projects involving international teams, we offer wide range of services to support the foreign staff during their project in Azerbaijan. Accommodation and house maintenance, interpreters, personal transfer services and much more is available to make the stay more comfortable and efficient.

Market Development

To ensure long lasting success of our clients’ projects and continuation of their presence in the market we offer professional experts to take the pressure off your central working group and work closely with local market representatives, regularly following up to ensure utilization of funds. Corvus Group looks for new buyers to pitch the product to a different segment of consumers to increase sales. Prepare a full market analysis that will help identify feasible strategies for our clients. Prepare a Business Plan for the client. Identify the most appropriate distribution partners. Serve as a partner in organization of new projects and report back to the client. Our network can help to stay in the market and enjoy its long-term benefits.


Corvus Group supports projects on various levels and on all stages of its development. Services like storage and on-time delivery of required items, organization of transfers, meetings, etc. is available upon request.